Clients Testimonials and Reviews

Client Testimonials

We are truly proud of our reputation and the confidence that has been placed in us by some of the most prestigious organisations in the world.

The integrity of EM&I service provision is measured in many ways. For example, continuous assessment through daily weekly and monthly reports and quarterly stewardship reviews.

Client testimonials are vital to EM&I, we depend on client feedback to guide us in ensuring that we meet and exceed their expectations.

EM&I proactively seek feedback from our clients and publish the feedback on the EM&I website.

“My thanks to EM&I and the PLX team for safely and efficiently delivering the ODIN Diverless UWILD on the Platinum Explorer. Job well done. Your excellent professional organisation and great work results in the successful completion of this scope with the minimum down-time for the rig…I am glad to see that Diverless UWILD  we started exploring in September 2014 as an option, is now completed thanks to EM&I’s innovative solutions and technical abilities”


“It is not common that I address my feedback to any supervisor ashore, but this time I have to report that I really appreciate working with your team here on board, their positive and professional attitude was greatly appreciated”.


“As Master / PIC of Drillship Pacific Scirocco, we have engaged the services of EM&I for our 5 year UWILD inspection on location offshore Nigeria. The EM&I Team that was presented for the UWILD inspection project were a very professional & competent group. We found them to be understanding and obeying of our offshore standards, always risk assessing each step of their inspection program for 100% safety compliance. The use of proper planning and risk assessments by EM&I was very important and critical to their projected timeline as all EM&I UWILD inspections were performed during normal offshore drilling operations”


“This Project required exceptional vigilance in keeping personnel safe, EM&I did a very good job in a safe manner. They maintained high safety awareness and gave full cooperation among the ASOM team. This Project can be summarised in 4 words … preparation, verification, execution, documentation. EM&I scores top marks in all categories”


“The work was carried out using a multi disciplined workforce using EM&I’s innovative TOPCAT, IGLOO and rope access systems and resulted in significant time and cost savings when compared to the use of more conventional repair methods”


“EM&I have been able to provide skilled, specialist personnel during every mobilisation, and in all cases they have been outstanding. The work was professionally carried out and the reporting of the highest quality”


“We are pleased to advise you that the recent tank repair work undertaken by EM&I was very efficiently carried out. We were impressed by the speed of this operation and the high degree of quality control applied to the whole task”


“The support given by EM&I has been fantastic with regards submission documents to ABS and for our Client.….The work ethic of your team is commendable”


“Following the excellent results of the radiation audit, everything could not have been better. Once again, my sincere thanks to EM&I (UK) Ltd for their kind help in making the audit the success that it was”


“EM&I have provided fantastic project management support, always showing a keen interest and endeavour to ensure that the project is in good health, acting promptly to cover any issues that arise. The team you have supplied both onshore and offshore is very dedicated and skilled. The supervisors are both extremely knowledgeable, safe and hardworking which I’m sure will pay dividends in the long run.”

“I would just like to say thank you to all your staff that come and work on our facility from EM&I.  Everyone just has a great work ethic, very professional, always safe in what they do and they teach us a lot.  Nothing is ever too hard and they are always willing to help out in any way they can.  The team leader is so good at what he does, a great team leader, one of many reasons we request him continuously. And in the back ground the assistance and support we get from the Perth Office is always to the highest standard.
Again many thanks and I hope very soon both BW and EM&I management teams renew the frame agreement we have, I have already indicated I would like it to be extended through to at least 30 June 2019″.