Pressure Systems Integrity

Pressure SystemsPressure System Integrity


The Challenge

Asset Managers face the crucial challenge of how to manage the integrity of pressure systems (whether hydrocarbon, marine or utility) while meeting production uptime demands.

Regulators are also increasing pressure on Operators to have compliant and holistic integrity systems in place for pressure vessels and both large and small-bore piping systems.

The Solution

Whether floating or fixed assets, offshore or onshore, EM&I have the experience and capability to provide a complete Pressure System Integrity package.

EM&I understand the challenges and have developed special tools to manage the RBI programme and carry out cost effective and efficient site inspections.

The overall RBI programme is managed by highly experienced materials, corrosion and integrity engineers trained on all major software systems.

The ANALYSE tool is proven to reduce the number of thickness measurements needed by over 50% while delivering better integrity and trend data.

CUI is managed using specialised thermal imaging and calibrated real time radiography.

EM&I have more than 20 years’ experience in delivering industry leading RBI programmes which means that you have one organisation committed, capable and accountable to you for delivering a cost effective and compliant service.

The Benefits

  • ANALYSE delivers reduced inspection costs and improved predictions
  • CUI risks are efficiently and effectively managed
  • EM&I experience means a reliable and responsive service
  • Multi-skilled site teams improve work efficiency and reduce bed-space requirements.