Why EM&I? +30 Years of Innovative Engineering, Inspection, Maintenance and Survey skills

Why EM&I?


EM&I deliver a range of innovative inspection, survey, maintenance and engineering services, backed up by many years of experience on conventional services, many of which we originally pioneered.

We understand your business needs and focus on solutions which minimise operational and production disruption and reduce overall cost.

EM&I are different because our wide engineering and integrity knowledge—and our in-house engineering team in each region of the globe—means that we use the results of our inspection and surveys to provide you with reliable information, recommendations and remedial action options on which to base accurate management decisions.

EM&I invest heavily in R&D and are industry leaders of international Joint Industry Projects such as HITS (Hull Inspection Techniques and Strategies) and FloWind (Floating Offshore Wind). We are involved with other industry inspection bodies such as OGTC, HOIS, the British Institute of Non Destructive Testing, Energy Institute, NACE etc.

EM&I technical personnel are highly skilled and exceed the industry standard competency requirements for the task in hand. In instances where our innovative methods are ahead of the development of industry standards we have our own internal training and certification procedures to ensure personnel competency.

Our services focus on:

  • Pressure Systems
  • Structures
  • Hazardous Area Equipment
  • Lifting Equipment
  • In-Water and Subsea

EM&I are different – our combination of engineering, inspection, maintenance and survey skills deliver accurate and meaningful reports on the condition of your assets with recommendations for maintaining integrity and compliance at the optimum cost.

In summary, our objective is to provide you with the optimum integrity solutions at the best possible value.

Disruptive Innovations

Most improvements are taken in small steps and take a long time to achieve noticeable benefits.

While EM&I also improve what we do incrementally we also have a track record of bringing disruptive innovations to market quickly and successfully.

Examples include ODIN® a completely new way of underwater hull and isolation valve inspection which eliminates diver intervention, benefiting safety, cost and POB.

ODIN  Valves use technology from the gas transmission industry in conjunction with ODIN  inspection methods, to enable isolation valve and piping replacement without using divers or ROVs while delivering safety, cost and time benefits.

The NoMan® method is also a new way of inspecting confined spaces without putting people at risk while reducing cost and time while increasing equipment availability.

HullGuard® is a new way of cathodic protection that avoids the use of divers or ROVs while enhancing hull longevity, safety and reducing life cycle costs for floating production units.

FlareSafe™ is an innovative solution for ensuring flare system remedial work is carried out swiftly and safely even on moving structures such as FPSOs.

WrapSight™ uses BCT (Backscatter Computed Tomography) technology inspired by medical CAT scans, to inspect and life extend temporary repairs on piping which otherwise would require costly and often unnecessary piping replacement.

PSI™ is our strategy for optimising pressure system integrity using a low cost RBI system coupled with a range of specialised NDT methods to deal with industry challenges such as Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI), weld root attack, stress corrosion and hydrogen cracking and so forth.

The innovative step that our PSI engineers provide is the ability to predict where and when failures will occur thus reducing pointless and costly inspections (UT gauging for example) and avoiding stripping off insulation to manage CUI by selecting the optimum combination of NDT methods (RTR, DigiRad, BCT, etc.)

Our approach to Pressure Vessel inspection uses a proven RBI based non NII (Non-Intrusive Inspection) strategy and where vessels have to be opened up for maintenance, the application of NoMan® camera and laser systems to execute a compliant survey without man entry and with minimal production down time.

EXI™ opens up opportunities to significantly reduce the cost of managing electrical Ex equipment integrity by introducing an RBI based inspection strategy, novel NDT techniques and efficient site delivery through our multi-skilled rope access trained qualified electrical inspectors.

These disruptive innovation themes run through all our services and products, described in the website with further information available from your nearest EM&I office who will be pleased to discuss your particular needs.


The EM&I brand means safety, quality and innovation and value – but it also means Flexibility.

We recognise the benefits to our clients are enhanced if they can access conventional, lower cost services with high local content through a single trusted source.

FLEX™ is our strategy for delivering this extra value through strategically located local bases, investment in training our own local personnel, experienced Team Leaders and strict adherence to our SOPs.

The result – EM&I Safety and Quality at a competitive price.