Floating Offshore Wind


floating offshore wind

The Challenge of Floating Offshore Wind Assets

The Floating Offshore Wind sector is growing rapidly worldwide towards industrialisation and commercialisation. It has many similarities with the Oil and Gas sector, but also many differences. Floating Wind assets are unmanned and mass-produced, meaning that remote methods, low cost of operation, and high uptime are key factors.

Floating wind farms are complex and innovative, but the inspection and survey services available to optimise their performance are lacking. Your floating offshore wind assets are vital to your business. With staff and private clients on board (and paying), there is little room for error.

Organisations stand-by for service and work diligently to keep their assets in the water. Unfortunately, with little or no up to date information on asset condition, they have little choice but to carry out costly reactive maintenance. We understand that your requirements are high, both in compliance and safety. A lack of compliance will be quickly noticed, and can lead to fines, but safety needs are just as important.

floating offshore wind assets

Hull, mooring, and structural integrity is critical, with technology adapted from the oil and gas industry. The EM&I Group has a deep background of experience in the floating oil and gas production sector. In that sector, EM&I-developed technology and techniques have saved money for clients, enhanced data to inform integrity management, and minimised impact on operations, thus reducing indirect cost and, above all, mitigating safety risk.

The company recognises that similar positive outcomes can be generated for the floating offshore wind industry.

Commercialisation of offshore floating wind assets will extend design life and with it the need for longer term asset integrity strategies that use the latest technology to minimise costs and time out of service.

Regulatory and Class requirements are evolving swiftly to deal with managing integrity for the many design concepts.

Integrity Solutions for Floating Offshore Wind Assets

EM&I has provided asset integrity and specialised inspection services to the floating oil and gas production sector globally for over 30 years, in geographies ranging from the North Sea, through South America, Africa, and Australasia. We specialise in providing expert inspection, survey and maintenance of floating offshore wind assets.

We can also develop bespoke maintenance management arrangements and conduct fleetwide inspections as part of multi-asset operations. Our years of experience in the oil and gas industries can help you maintain the integrity of your assets while saving money.

Our constant improvement development programme has resulted in many new integrity technologies that are readily adapted to the Floating Offshore Wind Sector.

Our strong relationships with class and industry wide JIPs ensures we have high value added, regulatory compliant methods to benefit our FOW clients, including:

  • ODIN® diverless underwater surveys, using inspection class ROVs, for inspection and cleaning of underwater structures and mooring systems.
  • HullGuard® diverless ICCP systems.
  • NoMan® remote unmanned inspection system for ballast, flotation and other confined spaces, using robotic cameras, laser scanning and other specialised inspection tools
  • ExPert™ Non-intrusive, remotely operated inspection system for Ex and other equipment operated by multi-skilled COMPEX certified technicians to minimise work scope, equipment strip-down and costs.

We can assist you to create, update, and manage a compliant and effective asset integrity system, provide supporting inspection management and NDE services, and maintain or repair critical equipment to ensure it remains fit-for-service.

We can deliver these services anywhere in the world through our global network, using local resources to optimise costs. If your project is international, our internationally accredited quality assurance systems ensure you get a consistent standard of service excellence.

Our R&D capability and facilities enable us to develop site practical solutions for individual clients or for industry JIPs bringing the benefits of reduced risk and increased value to your business.

The Benefits

EM&I’s experience, global capability and wide service range provides a responsive service and tailored, high value, asset integrity management for your business.