HullGuard® – Diverless ICCP System

HullGuardHullGuard® Diverless ICCP

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The Challenge

The costs and difficulty of maintaining ship hull protection over the life of floating production assets are substantially increased by the need for dive operations to maintain or replace anodes.

New projects have to bear the CAPEX costs of ICCP installations or having to install hundreds of sacrificial anodes onto the hull with the cost and risk of replacing them with divers when they are damaged or used up.

Operational assets frequently discover their ICCP systems are not fit for service after a few years and need to be replaced by divers, again incurring risk and costs.

Owners need solutions that are reliable, improve safety, lower life cycle costs, and provide economic and flexible life extensions.

The Solution

HullGuard is a diverless system, proven in the harsh conditions of the UK North Sea and class approved.

HullGuard is easy to install during construction, readily retrofitted to existing assets and easy to maintain throughout the assets’ operational life.

HullGuard has low life cycle costs because it reduces or eliminates CAPEX (being available on a lease basis) and does not incur diving costs for ship hull inspection or maintenance.

HullGuard costs are also lower by virtue of its modular design. This means that fewer anodes are needed in early asset life and more can be easily added as the asset gets older and coatings deteriorate.

HullGuard consists of a cylindrical anode that retracts into the hull through a special port welded to the inside of the asset hull.

HullGuard anodes work with almost all Transformer/Rectifier systems so can simply be a replacement for conventional anodes.

If required EM&I can design, provide, and install a complete ICCP system, and provide life-time care packages.

The system is optimised using Beasy computer-based design model that ensures the correct level of protection at minimum capital and operational cost.

The Benefits

HullGuard life cycle costs are lower than conventional systems because:

  • There is no diver intervention
  • Its modular design means you only buy what you need as the asset ages
  • There are lease options to reduce or eliminate CAPEX

HullGuard is safe because there is no risk to divers.

The HullGuard design is effective and energy efficient.