ODIN Inspection – Diverless Underwater Inspection in Lieu of Dry-Docking (UWILD)

ODIN UWILD inspection methodology and technologyODIN Inspection – Diverless UWILD

USA Patent No: US 10,011,145 B2
UK Patent No: GB2520688.
Australia Patent No: 2014356209
Africa Patent No: AP 4911
Europe App No: 14806342.3

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The Challenge of UWILD

UWILD, or Underwater Inspection in Lieu of Dry-Docking, poses many trials. Underwater inspection, repair, and maintenance of Floating Offshore Installations (Production and Drilling) using divers and work classed ROVs is costly, uses significant POB, creates unnecessary safety risks, has a high carbon emissions profile, delivers poor quality information, and disrupts normal operations.

The Solution: ODIN Diverless UWILD Inspection

EM&I have developed and proven a range of diverless services called ODIN®.

ODIN® inspection methods currently deliver diverless solutions for UWILDs, isolation valve inspection, repair and replacement, mooring chain inspection, and major underwater steel repairs.

Much of the ODIN® methodology can be accomplished from inside the hull, reducing the need for any subsea interventions and where ROVs are required, EM&I continue to improve our Integrity Class ROVs with top class partners to deliver unrivalled performance.

Sea chests and isolation valves are inspected using CCTV systems inserted via special inspection ODIN® ports that can be fitted on new or operating assets, safely.

EM&I have developed a class approved Underwater Hull Continuous Survey programme which means that the UWILD costs are spread over a 20-year period which reduces costs and operational disruption, further.

Further information on the following diverless ODIN® services are available on the links below.

The Benefits of ODIN Inspection Technology

ODIN® delivers the following benefits compared to conventional diver / ROV methods:

  • Reduced HSE risk
  • Reduced Cost
  • No Production downtime or Offhire time
  • Reduced POB (only 3-4 persons required)
  • Minimal weather dependency and operational disruption
  • Improved information quality

Is it Proven?

ODIN is proven with more than 200 successful projects completed to date. ODIN reliability is proven with the first few projects well into their second 5-Year inspection cycles.