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HITS 10 meeting will take place in Trondheim on 4 June 2024. This international initiative is dedicated to enhancing the integrity management of marine structures, including FPSOs, drillships, FSRUs, FLNGs, accommodation barges, and other floating offshore assets. This year’s first event will feature key updates from EM&I, including a proposal... Read more

Following the seamless completion of multiple repairs on FPSOs offshore Malaysia using CLAM™ technology and integrity class ROVs, our team is gearing up for the next significant phase. Our team is preparing for the second phase of EM&I’s innovative initiatives in the region. The upcoming mobilization on the Berantai project... Read more

With media announcements that the FSRU Independence will be taken off station in Lithuania, and towed to dry dock in Denmark for essential maintenance, EM&I is developing a Marketing campaign to spread the word of more cost-effective, proven alternatives.  By leveraging innovative techniques developed through the HITS JIP, EM&I aims... Read more

EM&I visited West Group’s base to conduct ROV pilot training for their employees. With EM&I’s continuing growth in Brazil, and the success of ODIN diverless services, the requirement for qualified ROV pilots will not cease. EM&I is committed to fostering indigenous expertise and ensuring sustainable growth in Brazil offshore energy... Read more

Papa Benin, the Managing Director of Stark Energy Ltd, EM&I’s Channel Partner in Ghana, highlighted the strategic collaborations with EM&I. A glimpse into Stark Energy’s groundbreaking initiatives and its pivotal role in driving innovation within the industry. Together, Stark Energy and EM&I have successfully completed the Jubilee FPSO Seachest blanking... Read more

As the EM&I Annual Global Workshop 2024 concluded in Malta, a strong sense of determination filled the air. Executives from around the world gathered to shape the company’s future. Key takeaways included: Recognising the pivotal moment: Decisions made now are crucial for EM&I’s future. Balancing stability and growth: The consensus favours... Read more

Senior executives from EM&I across Europe, South America, Africa, and Australia have convened in Malta for the annual global workshop. The event focuses on technology updates, market insights, and strategic planning for the company’s growth over the next three years. Covering topics such as financials, corporate strategy, engineering and technical... Read more

A warm welcome to Rhandall Marques, who joins EM&I as the new Stores Assistant in Macaé. This appointment  represents a significant step forward for EM&I in our commitment to strengthening our presence and operations within the energy sector in the region.  With Rhandall’s expertise, EM&I is poised to deliver exceptional... Read more

As Brazil’s asset integrity services market experiences unprecedented activity, sourcing skilled personnel remains a daunting task. In a bold move, EM&I has opted to tackle this challenge head-on by introducing its six week Trainee ROV Pilot programme.   Trainees will undergo rigorous hands-on training, gaining invaluable experience in a controlled environment.... Read more

The EM&I Group is proud to announce the appointment of Danilo Bernardo as Regional Operations Manager for the region, in a move that reflects its commitment to expanding operations in the South American offshore energy sector. Danilo brings with him a wealth of experience in overseeing operations in the offshore... Read more