FlareSafe™ System — Reduces shutdown time, safety risk, and weather dependency on floating installations


FlareSafe™ System Integrity Services

UK Patent No: GB2529610

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The Challenge

Flare systems deteriorate rapidly, particularly as gas pressures and flow rates reduce due to environmental flaring targets. Excessive heat damages the flare tips, associated structures, and equipment. Remedial work can only be carried out during shutdown, bringing the risk of unplanned production loss if the work is not planned or carried out efficiently. Flare tip replacement on an FPSO brings it’s own specific problems because of ship movement being amplified at the top of the flare tower, making helicopter lifts difficult in all but the most benign conditions.

The Solution

EM&I have developed FlareSafe™ a system designed for floating installations which reduces shutdown time, safety risk and weather dependency. FlareSafe™ includes a specially designed cradle which stabilises and offers flare tip protection throughout the whole process from transportation of new flare tips to site, installation, and removal of old units. EM&I are world leaders in delivering flare tip inspection system integrity services, with a proven track record supported by independent testimonials.

A complete FlareSafe™ package is available worldwide which includes:

  • Project Management
  • Planning (engineering, health & safety and quality plans, project plans, rigging plans, CTRs and work packs)
  • Site pre-visits and preparation
  • Procurement
  • Inspection, Repair & Maintenance
  • Reinstatement of flare systems
  • Close Out & Compliance Reporting

This scope can be applied to flare tips, pipework, structures, mechanical, electrical and instrumentation. The services are delivered through strategically located operations centres, with further in-depth engineering and laboratory support.

The Benefits

  • Reduced HSE risk
  • Reduced shutdown time
  • Reduced POB
  • Reduced project and weather risk
  • Versatile methodology interfaces with crane, A-frame and helicopter lifts
  • Reduced management effort through the EM&I one-stop-shop capability

The service scope includes developing detailed engineering plans, project plans and work packs, site inspection, rigging, removal of damaged components and installation / repair / re-instatement of new components