ODIN diverless UWILDs in Angola, Canada and USA

January 14th, 2015

diverless UWILDs

ODIN™ was successfully launched in Brazil in 2014. EM&I are now introducing ODIN into Angola, Canada and USA, starting with demonstrations Diverless UWILDs and other advanced ‘No Drydock….Safely methods where we will show how these specific services benefit our clients.

ODIN is a proven and approved, innovative alternative to diver or work-class ROV based UWILD, which reduces costs by over 20% and POB by more than 70%.

ODIN has already been successfully applied to two ABS classed FPSOs in 2014 and will be applied fleet wide for a major FPSO organisation.

Work has already started on the first drill ship, offshore India, with fleet wide planning underway for a number of leading companies.

The Angola demonstration will take place at the British Embassy in Luanda on the 29th January and the Canadian demonstration will take place at EM&I Stantec Ltd in St John’s, Canada on the 10th February.

The USA demonstration will take place in Houston later in February.

The link below will take you to an introductory video for the ODIN system:



To receive an invitation and further information on these events, please contact:

Angola Demonstration

Judy Burdett

Chief Marketing Officer

Email: judy.burdett@emialliance.com

Canadian Demonstration

Andy Power

President EM&I Stantec

Email: andy.power@emialliance.com

USA Demonstration

Peter Gresty

QHSE Manager

Email@ peter.gresty@emialliance.com