NoMan Laser: Patent Granted to EM&I Group

January 23rd, 2023

EM&I Group’s recent capability development – the NoMan Laser® – has been granted a UK patent number GB2572781.

Forming part of the Noman® Remote Inspection suite of services, the NoMan Laser is an innovative solution designed to enhance the quality of data. Including thickness measurements, and the safety and efficiency of asset integrity.

Confined space inspections have long been deemed a significant risk within the offshore energy production sector, with risk levels higher than the acceptable ALARP standard. EM&I launched the NoMan service line in 2016. The aim was to mitigate risks by eliminating the need for humans to enter confined spaces during the inspection process. Remote inspections are carried out using state-of-the-art technology which provides accurate, reliable and detailed data. Integrity assessment and assurance can then be completed with confidence, ensuring continued safe operation.

The NoMan Laser has further enhanced the remote inspection process. His new patented technology delivers sharp and accurate results, building 3D models to identify anomalies, and to enable thickness measurement, without compromising on safety. Unlike crawlers, NoMan® does not damage coatings, is far faster and with negligible risk of getting stuck or having to navigate complex structures.

NoMan Laser Scan

Image: Scan taken by NoMan Laser including thickness measurements.

NoMan is not restricted by battery life, with intrinsically safe optical and laser scanners. It does not need human-entry to pilot, and always knows exactly where it is and what it is ‘looking’ at, making surveyors’ task more straightforward.