Looking Back and Looking Forward, by Danny Constantinis

December 21st, 2022

As we approach the new year, EM&I Group’s Executive Chairman and CEO, Danny Constantinis, reflects on the past and future of the business amid the global challenges faced by the industry.

As I get older one thing I have learned is that experience does not help me predict the future!

COVID-19, the Russian invasion of Ukraine, escalating prices, and slowing growth (even recession)… what next?!

Does this uncertainty make it impossible to manage a successful business?

On the contrary, organisations like EM&I survive and even prosper despite such geo-political turmoil… why?

This is because opportunities abound in times of change and nimble organisations, like ours, are able to grasp these opportunities before many competitors react.

2022 was a good example of how this works… The economy was starting to recover after the COVID-19 pandemic then the Russian invasion of Ukraine dampened the recovery and left many businesses floundering.

But there was an opportunity… this came from an accelerated demand for alternative oil, gas, and renewable energy (including the emerging yet rapidly growing floating wind industry) supplies which are exactly the markets that EM&I thrives in.

Our clients benefited from our approach to disruptive technologies including ODIN® diverless, NoMan® confined space and ExPertTM remote Ex services which is why we are seeing substantial growth in these areas and are forecast to deliver a record performance this year.

Looking forward, the demand for energy and especially renewable energy is growing urgently, driven by public demand, forcing governments – keen to show voters their commitment towards the pursuit of carbon neutrality – to create conditions for industry to deliver secure, price-stable energy supplies.

This momentum is irrespective of the surprises the world may throw at us, and therefore is something that we can, and do, plan for.

Is it difficult to be an EM&I type of business? Yes of course it is, but the rewards and satisfaction are worthwhile!

I wish you a wonderful festive break and very best wishes for a healthy and happy new year!