Watch EM&I’s Executive Chairman and CEO Danny Constantinis Interview for LNG Industry Spotlight

September 25th, 2022

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In this latest video for LNG Industry Magazine’s Spotlight Interview series, Sarah Smith (Assistant Editor, LNG Industry) speaks to EMI Group’s Executive Chairman and CEO, Danny Constantinis. 

The LNG market is changing rapidly, even more so due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

With the latest technologies of FSRUs and FLNGs, Europe’s dependence on Russian gas can be replaced in the span of 2-3 years. Moreover, moving towards floating LNG is the first step in the shift towards renewables.

In this interview, Danny Constantinis explains how logistical and cultural challenges in the LNG industry can be overcome by using modern technology. The benefits of using remote and robotic methods of inspection are explained, particularly in relation to the important role they will play in servicing vessels during the transition to renewable energy.

Constantinis also delves into the reasons behind EMI Group’s relocation to Malta seven years ago, and why Joint Industry Projects (JIPs) are vital for the industry.

Further reading: ‘Fixing the Cracks’ published in LNG Industry can be read here (pp. 46-48):