EM&I and Seadrill’s Participation in IADC Drilling Africa Conference & Exhibition

EM&I and Seadrill are positioned to make a significant impact at the upcoming IADC Drilling Africa Conference & Exhibition, where they will jointly present their contribution to “Innovative Asset Integrity for Africa’s Benefit”.

As leaders within our industry, this conference provides an exceptional platform for EM&I and Seadrill to collaborate with global visionaries, innovators, and experts who share a collective commitment to providing resources and capabilities aimed at sustaining and fostering economic growth. This collaboration is particularly crucial in light of the challenges posed by declining oil and gas revenues in Africa.

EM&I and Seadrill, recognizing the need to address these challenges, will showcase their joint efforts in delivering enhanced safety, bolstered asset and data integrity, and minimising downtime for offshore, deepwater drilling assets. This endeavor is specifically tailored to meet the unique challenges associated with drilling operations offshore Africa.

Danny Constantinis (Executive Chairman and CEO EM&I) commented “We are delighted to be working with Seadrill, building on a long history between the companies, and to continue EM&I’s strong track record of developing innovative technology solutions to raise the industry and to meet asset integrity challenges embracing fresh opportunities to reduce out of service time, enhance safety and reduce carbon emissions”.