EM&I’s ODIN® System Saves the Day

March 24th, 2022

The EM&I ODIN system in progress on a site in Africa

During a scheduled UWILD on a deep-water FPSO in Africa, a leak was found through the hull from an internal hull storage tank. The hull was therefore severely compromised, and a fast-fix solution was urgently required.

Within one week, EM&I — utilising their superior ROV services — were able to:

    • investigate the leak and damage;
    • find the hole;
    • design and fabricate a bespoke robotic plug from our ever-expanding suite of specialised ODIN discharge and sea chest isolation tools and methods;
    • propose a solution to the client, and;
    • temporarily fix the leak as we do for sea-valves that are found (during the UWILDs) to be compromised (leaking or non-functioning).

A great achievement in such a limited time window of one week.

Another great example of how EM&I’s ODIN Diverless Alternative UWILD works hand-in-hand with our expanding suite of ODIN Hull Isolation Methods. This ensures that hull integrity issues are identified and quickly fixed with minimum disruption, maximum efficiency, and far safer than any traditional (diver) interventions.

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