Continued Growth for EM&I in Brazil

April 12th, 2023

A strong EM&I team spent the Easter period in Brazil. Graham Cross [Global Director of Operations], Maureen Mackie [Global Head of HR], Graham Bissett [Regional Operations Manager – UK, Europe & Brazil] and John Milne [Global Equipment Manager] have been working with Mario Paris [Director, Regional Development, South America] and Vinicius Oliveira [Senior Project & OPS Base Manager – Brazil] leader of the Macae-based EM&I team to expand the capacity to support Brazilian clients particularly.

The growth includes new staff members, with the latest, Brenno Viana Recruited to manage the growing stores in EM&I’s new facility in Macae. As well as, four new ROV pilots to operate EM&I’s own fleet of integrity class ROVs operating in Brazil.. This increase in numbers reflects the intent to double the existing workforce during 2023, to meet the increased client demand for our services.

The capability of the facility has also been enhanced with the procurement of a bespoke test piece. this will enable training, calibration of equipment, R&D and demonstration of capability in Brazil. The test piece replicates a small section of a tank on a floating production unit.

Later in the year, there will be a major launch event for the new facility. Will serve to promote EM&I’s in-country capacity, capabilities, people and growing ability to deliver locally innovative services to meet client needs.

“The growth of EM&I’s presence in Brazil reflects the market, clients’ growing appetite for our capabilities, and builds on significant opportunities that have been converted over the last few years; those wins have been achieved with a significant, global team effort; now we are growing our local, Brazilian capability as part of that global team.”

Danny Constantinis, EM&I Group Executive Chairman and CEO