Assuring Integrity of Floating Wind Structures

April 27th, 2023

Based on over 40 years of experience, EM&I has successfully delivered a through-life Asset Integrity Management (AIM) report for candidate Floating Offshore Wind (FOW) asset foundations. This report served as an assurance to a major global developer client.

Using practices proven in the floating offshore Oil & Gas (O&G) sector, the client identified three designs of primary floating structures and mooring systems for comparison. EM&I’s analysis included several steps within regulatory compliance:

  • review of concept design documentation;
  • through life integrity management including construction, assembly, installation and in-service phases;
  • determination of likely failure mechanisms;
  • anomaly management;
  • available inspection methods;
  • life extension and decommissioning;

EM&I’s advice informed the client’s selection of the most suitable design. The report also helped assure insurers and financiers of how their risks may be mitigated. by risk-based integrity studies and full-scale testing, as well as through-life monitoring and inspection programmes that build confidence in the long term integrity of the assets.