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Ex inspection of Ex equipment integrity

EM&I has been granted a UK patent for Ex inspection of Ex equipment integrity (ExPert™), an innovative technology which assists operators in managing their Hazardous Area (Electrical) Equipment (HAE) integrity. There are numerous electrical components on oil and gas assets that operate in hazardous areas. These are safety-critical and need... Read more

Gisle Solhaug, EM&I Business Development Manager (UK & Scandinavia)ent

EM&I is pleased to welcome Gisle Solhaug to the group as he takes on the role of Business Development Manager for the UK & Scandinavia. Gisle is a Norwegian with a degree in Naval Architecture from the University of Glasgow. He has 20 years experience in ship operation, repair, new... Read more

Malta Shipyard helping make the Malta Energy Hub in the Mediterranean

With the sanctions on Russian oil and gas, most European countries are having to reorganise their supply chains. However, any country with access to a coastline could switch to FSRUs moored on jetties or offshore and supplied with LNG from anywhere in the world. Gas has already been found in... Read more